Moto XM is an awesome bike racing game with challenging levels So grab your motorbike strap on your helmet and grab some airtime over obstacles and beat the clock on amazing off road circuits Enjoy Moto XM

Moto x3m is a beautiful bicycle balancing game.  Choose a bicycle, put on your helmet, and start an extraordinary journey here.  It pays great attention to balance. The potholes and trap obstacles on the road need you to control them accurately. So, are you interested in taking a bike challenge?

Moto x3m’s Game Operations

In Moto x3m, driving a bicycle refuels with the up key, which is used to keep the bike balanced.  The down key allows the bike to perform some special tricks to gain some time.

Moto x3m game content

In the process of Moto x3m bicycle driving, the route is uneven, so great attention should be paid to balance in the process of walking.  Steep slopes, bottomless pits, and even traps all test your ability to operate accurately.  Therefore, if you were accidentally roll over, you will be out of the game. The game will fail, and you will need to enter the gate again.

The game features of Moto x3m

Moto x3m has 22 challenge levels, which is a very challenging task.  Secondly, bicycles can do some special tricks during riding.  One thing that cannot be ignored is that there will be time counting, which has been done since you started. Pay attention to the time and reach the destination as soon as possible.

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